New Year New Logo

Welcome to 2020! With the start of the new year, I present to you my new logo. I haven’t done designing in quite a while and on the new year, I decide to revamp my logo. Here’s my old logo:

The Old Logo
It was inspired by the logo of one of my seniors in college. I made it when I just started designing. It was a simple logo, nothing fancy but I quite liked it. To be honest I like things to be simple and try to not complicate things.

Here’s my new logo: The Wolf Logo

It’s sort of line art. I tried to portray my favourite animal with it, the wolf. It’s made up of my initials i.e. V and R. There’s nothing much else to it. It’s simple!

Coming on to 2020, I have my plans set for the new year and I hope you have yours are too. If you are not sure how to plan the upcoming year, here’s a great article to help you.